Development Updates:

Build sent off to PAX Aus Indie Showcase + New Helms

It’s been a while since we’ve posted an update, we have been very busy rushing together a ┬áneat build for the PAX Australia Indie showcase. The AIS is our only chance of being at PAX Aus this year so wish us luck!
new_kr_helmsNow that the rush is over and our build has been submitted I’ve been able to focus on making new assets for KR, starting with these helmets! Tell us which design you like the most!


  1. Jab

    My favorites are third and seventh because it seem to be the two most realistics

  2. Tariq Scott Evans

    I’m Australian too! Oh and I think number 1 looks the coolest! If not I would say number 2! Oh, and will beta testing come out because I really wanna play and test and…. You know! I’m just another one of those fans who wants too much (lol)…

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