Development Updates:

Attack Charging FX and New Map

A few things moving along lately, We’ve got a new map in progress. If you remeber Kingdoms Collide you may see that this map is somewhat inspired by the old Survival maps. Looking over some old screenshots from those maps gave me the urge to quickly block together something similar in KR. ‘Powering up’ attacks now has an effect, this was in response to some feedback we got, people said

The sword is too hard to see against the background, I can’t tell which direction enemies are attacking from!

So now the sword will glow and have a charge up effect when performing attacks, making the incoming direction a lot more clear we hope!

Lastly, we’ve made some postĀ processingĀ filters which show the players health, the less health you have the more bloodied the screen will be and the more grey everything will look. Hopefully this takes peoples eyes off the HUD and leaves them free to focus on the game!

This weekend we’ll be taking the game to SwitchLAN in Melbourne for anyone who is willing to try out, so hopefully I’ll be posting again soon with some of the fun/notfun that goes on tomorrow!


  1. Dannydaninja

    Seriously awesome guys šŸ˜®
    Good luck with the game and if this costs I’ll still buy it

    Keep on doing blog posts, people do read them.

  2. LemonYourAid

    Aww man, this is looking great! I really missed Kingdom Collide, but this looks like it’ll be a true successor! If you guys are ever in need of close-alpha or close-beta testers, definitely sign me up!

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