Development Updates:

Dev Update – Sound work and Animation system improvements

Last week I spent a lot of time working on a few of the sounds we will need for Kingdoms Rise, the really fundamental stuff like swinging swords, hitting swords, walking, jumping etc.

And since talking about sounds isn’t nearly as exciting as a pretty screenshot I put a bunch of the sounds into video form so you can have something to listen to,

Meanwhile Paul has been doing some awesome work on the animation system,  He’s made the characters feet stay planted in place when turning the look from left to right.
Before now the player would pivot around on the spot like he’s standing on an invisible lazy Susan

We now also have aim blends, blends for varying strength of attack, foot IK, head IK and eye IK.

In addition to this we have also been working on the game HUD which displays players attack directions and makes fight outcomes more clear, more on that soon.

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