Party with Friends and fight as a Team
The directional sword fighting system of Kingdoms Rise brings depth of skill to melee dueling.
Featuring a multitude of armors, swords, spells, ranged weapons and more!

Development Updates:

December 2014 Update!

Here’s a very short video showcasing the key features and fixes included in the December 2014 update of Kingdoms Rise!

Dev Update: Behind the Scenes November

Lately we have been working hard in the background on some pretty large features. I made this video to give you guys a peak in behind the scenes since many people seem to think we are either twiddling our thumbs or dead.

October 2014 Update!

Here’s a short video showing the new features and changes coming in the October update of 2014, out NOW!


August 2014 Update

Here’s a short video showing the new features and changes included in the August update for 2014, Out NOW!

March 2014 Update

Here’s the Patch launch video showing the new features and changes you can expect to see in this months update

We are Greenlit!

Just wanted to make a quick announcement to thank everyone who has helped support Kingdoms Rise and has got us Greenlit! Now that a Steam release of Kingdoms Rise is imminent please don't stop spreading the word, go and let your friends know about the game that YOU just got greenlit! Expect us to post again soon with info on how to pre-order and get early access to play!...

Greenlight Page is LIVE!

We have just published our profile on Steam Greenlight, please show us some support and up-vote it HERE! Along with this we have made public a couple of new trailers that I have spent the last few weeks making, Check them out; It's been a ton of work getting these made but it's all finally out there for the public to enjoy/ridicule! As you may have picked up from the gameplay trailer we have started adding in a few spells to the game, you can expect an update on those soon!...

Character Creator Working!

We now have the very basic functionality of our character creator working in game! There aren't many pieces to choose from just yet, but I'm making more each day. Hope you like how it's going! In addition to this we are very fortunate to have had a recent podcast/interview about KR front-paged on TIGS! Check that out here: So yeah, big thanks to the indieComplex guys, it was a very fun interview to do. As for progress on our Greenlight page / Trailers, they are still in the works, we just need some good footage of more than 2 players in a server at a time and we'll be just about ready to publish those videos and the GL page!...

Dev Update: Trailers and other stuff

I’ts been a while since I’ve posted anything here, that’s because not a lot of new content has been made in the past few weeks, due to making and editing trailers out of the content we already have.

Our cinematic trailer is complete and we just need to get a bit more footage for our gameplay trailer and we’ll be ready to release both of them!

vlcsnap-2013-06-14-18h46m30s2 vlcsnap-2013-06-14-18h45m20s188

In the meantime a couple of new gameplay features were added;

1. Character customization, it’s now possible to swap our armour/clothing options on each ¬†body part separately (videos of this soon hopefully)

2. Game recording; it’s now possible to record a fight / match and share a small file to your friends who can watch the whole thing back in the client. Not only can you watch it back from the players perspectives, but you can fly around your past fight like a spectator/camera man and also put the playback into slowmo!

As for new art features, Leigh has been mostly tied up in video editing but has lately made the following progress on a new “hunter” themed armor set;

hunters_cape_wip1 deadanimal_scarf_wip2 deadanimal_scarf_wip1 leader_under_hi hunter_armour_wip1